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How To Train For Open Water Swimming?

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There are innumerable ways to optimally train for an open water swim. Here is a brief how-to of the open water swimming world:

The first step is to ask yourself several questions and determine the answers as specifically as you can:

  1. What type of open water swim do you plan to do?
  2. Where is your open water swim?
  3. What are the expected conditions of your swim?
  4. Can you expect to encounter marine life?
  5. Will you have a support team helping you?
  6. What kind of swim will be do?
  7. Where can you train?
  8. How motivated are you?

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History of Channel swimming between Calais and Dover

za, 04/09/2021 - 13:49

The first person to swim the English Channel was not Captain Webb. It was an American adventurer called Captain Paul Boyton three months earlier. But because he wore a life preserving inflatable suit he could not be classed as swimming unaided so history now honours Captain Webb as the first.Boyton crossed from Boulogne to Fan Bay, St Margaret's-at-Cliffe, in May 1875, taking 23-and-a-half hours and meeting a porpoise four miles from Dover. Details are in a permanent exhibition recently opened at Dover Museum, charting the history of Channel swimming.

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How to Apply Atomic Habits to Outdoor Swimming

wo, 21/07/2021 - 13:05
A brief guide to James Clear’s Atomic Habits for outdoor swimmers

n Atomic Habits, James Clear explains how progress in anything is made through the accumulation of small gains. In essence, your habits, how you act day to day, determines where you end up. Atomic Habits is a guide to making it easy to adopt and stick to good habits, and eliminate bad ones.

After reading the book recently, I wondered how you might apply James’s ideas to outdoor swimming.

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