6 Tips To Conquer Your Marathon Swim Training

So, you’re training for a marathon swim, you’ve got a program to stick to and you need to get a long swim in today.  You’re nervous…the conditions are questionable and it will likely be cold.  You may even be doubting yourself that you can complete the distance, or tolerate the temperature. Here are some things to consider before heading out on your next challenging swim.

First of all, clear your mind of excuses.  It’s easy to talk ourselves out of something that is out of our comfort zone that might bring on feelings of doubt or fear.

I start with a body scan:

Did you wake up feeling good and recovered? Yes.

How does your body feel?  Good? Good.

Don’t back out of the plan if you have no good excuse. How’s your nervous system?  Everything feels right? Yes? Then go. 

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