Swim to Klein Bonaire!

zondag, 5 oktober, 2014 - 07:00 t/m maandag, 6 oktober, 2014 - 06:45

Bericht van Bonaire Baracudas:

Sunday, October 5th, the Swim to Klein Bonaire will be taking place again!

The Klein Bonaire Swim is the yearly start of the Regatta week.
This swim competition is being organized by Jong Bonaire and Evy Witlox is our club coordinator for this event.

We start from Eden Beach /Spice Beach Club and swim 800 meters to Klein Bonaire.
It is up to you if you swim to Klein Bonaire and come back by boat or that you swim back yourself. This competition is for all ages, so the more Barracudas and/or parents we will have together, the merrier it is!

It is our goal to have as much Barracudas swimmers attending this competition as possible.

Barracudas Swimming Caps
As from Saturday next, the Freewieler, will have Barracudas branded swimming caps for sale.
These are professional caps of great quality against a very acceptable price.

We would like to ask all members/attendees to buy a Barracudas cap to wear during the event. The club will take care of club T-shirts for the ones who don't have one. Everybody who already has a club T-shirt should bring it themselves. All T-shirts need to be returned to Saskia afterwards (same day), so we can wash them and re-use them for other events.

Recruiting new members
It is our goal to recruit new members during this event. Therefore we will have our own Barracudas stand close to the pier, next to the Food & Beverage stand. Promotional material will be available. Tell everybody about our club and this event and make them enthousiastic, so we can sign up a lot of new members!

Sign up event
Are you going to join us? Please sign up by sending an e-mail to evy_witlox@hotmail.com or call her at: 7800178. The deadline is 27th September.

Fee & Benefits
The cost for this event are $10 for children until 12 years old and $15 for above.
All participants will get a T-shirt, lunch and drink from Jong Bonaire.
Please handover the fees to Evy by 2 October latest.

The event starts at 07.00 AM, so we would like to meet you all at our stand at 07.00 AM latest!

We are looking forward having you all participating in the Klein Bonaire Swim and having lots of fun.

Kind regards,
Bonaireaanse Aquatiqs Club Barracudas

Simone, Floortje & Saskia